The Club at Aliana & The Westmoor Club Pools
The Club at Aliana pool and The Westmoor Pool open Memorial Day weekend. 
Lifeguard positions are held by young adults attending college and high school, therefore pools do not open full-time in advance of the end of the school year. 
(*Dates may vary depending on FBISD calendar)
The key fobs are now required to access the amenities at The Club at Aliana. To receive assigned key fobs, please visit The Westmoor Club. A valid I.D. must be presented.
Guest Policy:
Residents are permitted up to 5 guests while visiting the facilities. Please note that guests must be accompanied by a registered Aliana resident at all times and are subject to all rules and regulations set forth by Aliana HOA and our pool company, Sweetwater Pools. 
Pool Schedules: 
May 2023 - Closed Weekdays & Weekends May 2023 - Closed Weekdays & Weekends  
OPEN Memorial Day Weekend and Memorial Day  OPEN Memorial Day Weekend and Memorial Day   
Saturday 10am - 9pm
 Sunday 10am - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 9pm
Sunday 11am - 8pm
Memorial Day 10am - 9pm
Memorial Day 11am - 9pm 
June 2023 - Full Time      June 2023 - Full Time  
Mondays - Closed  Monday - Wednesday - 10am - 8pm  
 Tuesdays & Wednesdays - 1pm-9pm    Thursdays  - Closed  
Thursday - Sunday - 10am-9pm Friday -  Sunday - 11am - 9pm  
July 2023 - Full Time July 2023 - Full Time   
July 4th Open - 10am - 9pm      
Mondays - Closed
Monday - Wednesday - 10am - 8pm
 Tuesdays & Wednesdays -  1pm-9pm Thursdays  - Closed  
Thursday - Sunday - 10am-9pm Friday -  Sunday - 11am - 9pm  
August  & September - 2023 - (Weekends Only) August & September 2023 - (Weekends Only)  
Saturdays - 10am - 9pm | Sundays - 10am - 8pm    
Saturdays - 11am - 9pm | Sundays -  11am - 8pm
(Westmoor Pool - Gate Attendant Only) 
*Swim at Your Own Risk*

Pool Parties
Residents in good standing with the HOA may reserve for parties during non-operation hours.
Reservations are handled through our pool company, Sweetwater Pools.  
For more information visit https://sweetwaterpoolsinc.com/pool-parties/ .              
2023 Swim Lessons
Swim lessons are conducted at The Club at Aliana and The Westmoor Club pool by Sugar Land Swim School. If you are interested in signing up, please contact Sugar Land Swim School directly for availability and pricing. While swim lessons are being conducted, the usage of the lap pool will be restricted to swim lesson students only. Please review the schedule below to know before you go! 
2023 Swim Lessons Pool Season Schedule
June 3rd - August 5th
The Club at Aliana 
Mondays, 5:00pm to 8:00pm 
The Westmoor Club
Saturdays, 8:30am to 11:00am
Thursdays, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Appropriate Swim Wear
Please ensure that you are wearing the appropriate swim wear when visiting both pools. Please understand the lifeguards have the authority to turn anyone away not wearing the appropriate attire. 
Inclement Weather Pool Closure Policy
For the safety of our residents and our lifeguards, Sweetwater Pools enforces the below policy: 
In the event of thunder and lightening, the pool will close for 30 minutes. Ex: the pool closes at 5:00pm due to thunder and/or lightening, the pool will not re-open until 5:30pm. If during that time at 5:15pm there is another thunder or lightening strike, the clock restarts and the pool will not re-open until 5:45pm. 
If it is raining and there is no thunder or lightening however the rain prevents the lifeguards from seeing the bottom of the pool, the pool will close.   
Lastly, the pool will close if there is a danger to lifeguards, either in transportation or remaining onsite.      

Pool Rules 
  1. Children under the age of 14 may not swim without an adult 18 or older. 
  2. Guests must be accompanied by Aliana resident. 
  3. Only appropriate swimwear allowed.
  4. No alcohol allowed at anytime. 
  5. No glass containers in pool area. 
  6. No animals allowed. 
  7. Abusive language, yelling, loud noise is not allowed. 
  8. All non-swimmers must be within arm's reach of a parent. 
  9. We conduct emergency testing with live victims and mannequins. 
  10. Aliana assumes no responsibility for any personal injury to anyone from pool or slide, loss or damage to personal property or items left in the pool area. 
  11. A ten (10) minute "safety break" will be called for ten minutes every hour, by the lifeguard. During this period, all swimmers must exit all bodies of water. 
  12. Flotation devices permitted at lifeguard's discretion.
  13. No running or horseplay.
  14. At The Club at Aliana Pool there is no climbing or jumping off the lazy river island.
  15. There is also no running or jumping off the wooden docks in front of the Adult Pool waterfall.
  16. The elevated pool area behind the waterfall is for Adults Only – 21 and Older.
  17. No smoking or vaping in the pool areas.
The Aliana pools are managed by Sweetwater Pools and the lifeguards are required by the HOA to enforce the rules and maintain the safety of these amenities for all the residents of our community. In performing this important safety responsibility, the lifeguards are authorized to take actions necessary to maintain safety and order, including using “time-outs” of 5 minutes (1st offense) to 10 minutes (2nd offense) and for repeat rule offenders the lifeguards are authorized to expel an individual from the pool for the remainder of the day. Please understand and teach your children that the lifeguards are the ultimate authority at the pool, and they should respect that authority. It is important that our residents have fun at the pool, but it is equally important that this be a safe experience. 
Thank you,
Aliana HOA Board