What is Community Council
Kith & Kin
Old-fashioned: friends and relatives (family)
Our Mission
The Aliana Community Council, commonly referred to as Kith & Kin mission is to generate, preserve and enhance a true sense of "community" through the creation and sponsorship of programs, activities, and services to facilitate interaction, inclusiveness, involvement, community pride and responsibility, and the sharing of ideas, common interests, and resources in order to enhance the lifestyle within and contribute to the betterment of the Aliana Community and the surrounding area. 
Simply put, Aliana is Handcrafted for Living
Does the Community Council have a Board of Directors? 
Yes, the Community Council is independent of the HOA Board of Directors and consists of up to 6 members. Members of the Community Council do not have to live in Aliana. Your Community Council Board of Directors are listed below: 
President - Umamah Siddiqui
Secretary - Jamie Kastens
Treasurer - Henry Amadio 
How is Kith & Kin funded?
To the contrary, Kith and Kin is funded by sponsorships and Community Enhancement Fees (CEF) in the amount of .25% of the gross selling price on each resale (sale from homeowner to homeowner). The CEF is paid by the selling homeowner. 
Where does Kith & Kin office?
The Kith & Kin staff are located in The Westmoor Club at 11333 Westmoor and are available Monday - Friday from 9am-6pm or by appointment.
What programs does Kith & Kin offer?
Check out the Community Council portion of the website for all programs/classes/upcoming events. 
I'd like Kith & Kin to offer... 
We are always looking to expand on our offerings, if there is an event or class you think will go over well in the community, send us a suggestion using the Contact Us tool on the website. 
I'm a business owner and want to sponsor an event...
Great! We have many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. click here for more information!