Living in Aliana HOA
Aliana Homeowners Association, Inc. 
The Club at Aliana 
17122 W. Bellfort
Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm
281-207-6750; Option 1

Your HOA

Your Association is responsible for the community maintenance such as the care and repair of any recreational amenities to include providing upkeep for the pool, gyms, clubhouses, tennis courts, playgrounds, common area walkways, waterways, signage, and other common areas within the community. The below are also aspects of the administration of your HOA: 
  • Deed Restriction Management
  • Financial Management
  • Architectural Review 
  • Legal 
While your management team carries out the day to day functions of the community, your Board of Directors is charged with making those tough decisions that are outside the realm of your management team. We have listed a few below: 
  • Budgeting & Assessments 
  • Contract decisions
  • Capital Improvements 
Belonging to a Homeowners Association creates exclusivity in a neighborhood that often contributes to greater public appreciation and awareness throughout the community. All members are expected to adhere to certain rules set by the Association Board of Directors, aimed at maintaining the beauty and civility of the neighborhood. Your on-site management team is dedicated to assisting you in reporting or understanding the rules and deed restrictions within the community. 
We thrive on Aliana being Handcrafted for Living and every aspect of the community is carefully crafted with this in mind. Recognizing that it can sometimes be difficult to handle important HOA matters via phone or email, your HOA management team is located right in your community at The Club at Aliana ready to assist. 
On-site Staffing 
For questions regarding amenity access, clubhouse rentals, classes, events and sponsorship opportunities
Community Assistant/Community Coordinator 
281-207-6750; Option 2
For questions regarding deed restrictions, account information and common area concerns
Assistant Manager
281-207-6750; Option 1
For questions regarding and concerns not listed above 
General Manager
281-207-6750; Option 1
Your Board of Directors
President - Lucy Robertson, Airia Development 
Vice President - Ben Boehm, Airia Development 
Secretary - Colby McClary, Airia Development 
2nd Secretary - Oneil Kurup, Resident 
Treasurer - Liz Gregory, Airia Development 
2nd Treasurer - Henry Amadio, Resident
Your Neighborhood Voting Delegates
Ascot - Beji George,
Ashgrove - Qamar Sultana Khan, 
Aviara - , 
Brettonwoods - Susan Jenkins, 
Crosshill - Ashish
Lamplight - Marilyn
Marchmont - Kashyap
New Haven - Deepak Balachandar, 
Saratoga - Claudinette
Tanglewood - Gill
Waterchase - Sanford
Windsor - Barb Orton,
Woodhall - Gopal Aggarwal,