• How do I access the facilities?
    To access the facilities you will need to enroll in our biometric access control system. All members in your household above the age of 14 will need to personally register. If you previously had access to the facilities via a white access card, to register you will need to bring a photo ID to The Club at Aliana or The Westmoor Club. If you are a new owner and have not updated your Driver's License with your new Aliana address, you will need to bring a photo ID with a copy of your closing disclosure. 
  • How can I reserve the tennis court?
    Visit the Tennis Page for reservation information. 
  • How do I rent the Club at Aliana or The Westmoor Club?
    To rent The Club at Aliana, check out the requirements here and then submit your reservation request. 
    To rent The Westmoor Club, check out the requirements here and then submit your reservation request. 
  • Where are the parks located?
    Visit the Parks page for more information on location and age range. 
  • What are the fitness centers hours?
    The fitness center at The Club at Aliana and The Westmoor Club are 24-hours once you have enrolled in our amenity access system. 
  • When are my assessments due?
    Assessments are due January 1st and considered delinquent January 31st.  
  • Where can I pay my assessments?
    You can make your payment at either The Club at Aliana or The Westmoor Club during normal business hours in the form of a check or money order. 
    You can also make your payment online via credit card. 
  • How do I setup a payment plan?
    The Association has approved two options for paying your annual assessments. You can pay the assessment in full by the January 1st due date or you may make installment payments with the coupons provided in your assessments statement. The coupons do not include past due balances on your account, if any. Please mail your payment or drop off at either club for receipt by the due date.
    If you are unable to pay the full balance by the due date, please contact our on-site office to set up a payment plan or your account will become delinquent. Interest will continue to accrue but the collection steps will be suspended once the payment plan is accepted and payments are made in accordance with your approved payment plan.
  • What happens if I pay late?
    Finance charges are applied on the last day of each month. On February 1st, a $40.00 late fee is applied to all unpaid accounts. If your account remains delinquent, a late fee of $60.00 will be applied on March 1st. Delinquent accounts are subject to deactivation of electronic access devices. In April, an attorney will file a Notice of Lien Affidavit and a fee will be placed on the delinquent accounts. In May, the Board will consider sending accounts to the Association's attorney to begin legal collections efforts. All costs incurred and legal fees will be charged back to the account.
  • My Water Bill - What is "NFBWA?"
    This line item included on your water bill is a fee assessed by North Fort Bend Water Authority. The line item reads as "NFBWA" on your bill, and is levied by North Fort Bend Water Authority to your Municipal Utility District. The Municipal Utility District, or MUD, incorporates this fee into each homeowner's water bill. The fee increased by 33 cents from 2017. 
    For more information about this fee, please visit North Fort Bend Water Authority online by clicking here
  • Does Aliana have a Community Garage Sale?
    Aliana does not permit individual garage sales or have a community garage sale. You may want to try our Classified System. It is a great way to advertise without the hassle! 
  • How large is Aliana and what is the time frame for build-out?
    Aliana is a Master Planned Community on 2,000 acres that is a little more than halfway to completion. It is estimated that Aliana will reach completion in 2020. This estimate can change as the rate of build-out is solely contingent upon the market. At completion it is expected that Aliana will be comprised of 13 neighborhoods with a total home count of 4,200-4,300. 
  • What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?
    A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a legal entity created by a real estate developer for the purpose of developing and managing a community of homes. It is given the authority to enforce the covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&Rs) and the management of the common amenities of the development. It allows a developer to end their responsibility over the community, typically by transferring ownership of the Association to the homeowners after selling. In a large percentage of US neighborhoods, where free standing homes exist, the homeowners gather together to protect their property values and improve the neighborhood by having and participating in an HOA. Most homeowners associations are non-profit organizations and are subject to state statutes that govern non-profit corporations and homeowners associations. 
  • What are Governing Documents?
    The Declaration (CCRs), Bylaws, Operating Rules, Articles of Incorporation or any other documents which govern the normal operating procedures of an Association. 
  • What are the responsibilities of the HOA?
    The full description of the responsibilities of your HOA can be found in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs), commonly referred to as the "Deed Restrictions". Some of those responsibilities include 
    • Maintenance and Management of common areas and amenities
    • Enforcement of the CCRs or Deed Restrictions
    • Designation of the Design Review Committee (DRC), a committee that evaluates any exterior improvements to your property, maintaining harmony and integrity of the community 
Home Improvements
  • What is the 'Aliana fence' stain?
    Fences in Aliana are stained with a custom stain known as the 'Aliana' stain. Your local Sherwin Williams is familar with this stain and can assist you. Below is the formula just in case. 
  • I want to make a modification to the exterior of my home, how do I do this?
    You will need to submit a Home Improvement Request (HIR) and seek approval prior to modifying your home. YOu can easily submit your request online here or you can stop by The Club at Aliana for help on filing out a hard ocpy. You will need your lot survey to submit with your request. This can typically be found in your closing documents you received from your builder.  If you cannot locate this, you may also request one from the Fort Bend County Appraisal District. 
  • Who do I report a streetlight outage to?
    You can report your streetlight outage to Centerpoint directly via their online process  or you can report an outage to our on-site staff. Either way, you will need to have the 6-digit pole number in order to report the outage or know the vicinity of the light pole. 
  • There are a couple of monument lights out. Who do I report them to?
    You can easily report your light outage online via the "Contact Us" tool. In the drop down menu, select Maintenance Request. 
  • There is water pooling in front of my home..
    If there is water pooling in front of your home, try dialing back your irrigation system to see if the water subsides. If that doesn't work, and water is pooling for more than 48 hours causing build-up, please contact Fort Bend County Road & Bridge at 281-342-4513 or via email at FBCRB@FortBendCountyTX.gov to report the issue. You may also view the Fort Bend County Engineering Street Acceptance Guidance document here to give you a better understanding of what is considered a bird bath requiring correction. 
On-site Management
  • Who do I contact for...?
    Please visit the Quick Reference Numbers page for more information or the Contact Us page. 
  • Where is the on-site management staff located in the community?
    Your on-site staff is located at both The Club at Aliana and The Westmoor Club and are available Monday - Friday from 9am-6pm. 
  • I just moved to Aliana, how do I get access?
    Welcome to Aliana! Make sure you stop by The Club at Aliana or The Westmoor Club at your earliest convenience with your closing documents and a photo ID. Upon your arrival, we'll get you enrolled in our biometric amenity access system as well as fill you in on all the great things happening in Aliana!