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Making Changes to your Home

Aliana has strict rules and regulations regarding the exterior look of your property - both your home itself and also your front and rear landscaping. These are in place to ensure that a certain Community Standard is acheived throughout the Neighborhoods. You can view all of these rules by going to the LEGAL DOCUMENTS section of this website.

Any changes you make to the exterior of your property require PRIOR approval from the Modifications Review Committe. If you are not sure whether the change that you are planning requires approval, please contact the staff at The Club at Aliana at 281-207-6750 and they will be happy to advise you.

Changes to the interior of your property may also require PRIOR approval if they have any impact on the exterior of your home - such as a conversion that adds a window, for instance. Again, the staff at The Club at Aliana will be happy to be of assistance.

You will be required to submit a form outlining your planned change, that form can be found in the Community Documents section of this website (you will need to be logged in to access this form). Alternatively, you can pick up a copy at The Club during business hours.