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Homeowner Association

Welcome to Aliana Homeowners Association, Inc.

As a resident of Aliana, you are also a member of the Aliana Homeowners Association, Inc. This membership creates for you both right and responsibilities.

As a member of the Homeowners Association, you are assessed a maintenance fee each year that takes care of essential upkeep, maintenance, staffing, and amenities for the community.  For example, your association is in charge of community maintenance such as the care and repair on any recreational amenities to include providing upkeep for the pool, gym, clubhouse, tennis court, playgrounds, common area walkways, lakes, signage, and other common areas within the community.

Belonging to a Homeowners Association creates exclusivity in a neighborhood that often contributes to greater public appreciation and awareness throughout the community. All members are expected to adhere to certain rules, set by the Association Board of Directors, aimed at maintaining the beauty and civility of the neighborhood.  You currently have a management team on-site that is dedicated to assisting you in reporting or understanding the rules and deed restrictions within the community.  You are encouraged to meet your manager and request information or explanation to help you feel at home.

Your mangement team is based in your community on-site at The Club at Aliana.  You can contact these staff members at 281.207.6750 or in person during business hours.

In general, homeowner associations ensure that the needs of the community are properly represented. The interests of the community, as a whole, are represented by a Board of Directors and each Neighborhood is represented by your Neighborhood Delegate.  Your current Board is composed of your dedicated development team plus two elected residents.  Your Board holds regular monthly meetings (on the first Tuesday of each month) to conduct and discuss the operations of the HOA and oversee the progress of the project.

Your Homeowners Association Board of Directors are:

Lucy Robertson - President

Mark Hardy - Vice President

Liz Gregory - Treasurer

Tyler Stone - Secretary

Oneil Kurup - Board member

Henry Amadio - Board member


Monthly meetings of the Board of Directors are held on the first Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise posted), at the office of Aliana Development Company, 20333 SH 249, Suite 600, 77070. The meeting starts promptly at 10:30 a.m. 

Should you wish to attend a monthly open board meeting, either to observe or to address a question to the board, a RSVP is requested by your community manager. We ask that you let her know of any matters that you wish to address to your board. This is in order to ensure that you are listed on the agenda and sufficient time is alloted for you during the meting. If you are not able to RSVP in advance, every effort will be made to accomodate you within the confines of the agenda.

Please contact Deniece.Reyes@ciaservices.com or call The Club at 281-207-6750 to RSVP to attend a meeting.

FYI - once approved, minutes of meetings are posted in the Operational Documents section of this website.